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Renee Morrison, Project Specialist

Renee Morrison, Project Specialist


A.A.S., Business Administration, Prince Georges Community College.  


Work Experience:

Renee Morrison brings over 33 years of administrative and support experience to E-Squared Engineering.  Ms. Morrison has excellent communication skills, both oral and written and has led company efforts on industry interviews to establish users’ requirements and technology application inventories.  She is a good planner and organizer and is experienced in doing quality work on a fast-response basis, and maintaining client confidentiality.  

Ms. Morrison has over fifteen years’ experience with E-Squared Engineering in research and survey administration (both written and telephone interviews).  She provides administrative, research, and support services to E-Squared Engineering clients.   Ms. Morrison works with such diverse clients as the Florida Department of Transportation, the Virginia Department of Transportation, the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), the International Parking Institute (IPI), and Gannet Fleming, effectively providing services that are tailored to each client’s particular needs.

Ms. Morrison provided research data for September 11th Attacks - Impacts on the Parking Industry.  The Parking Professional, Article in June 2002 edition, International Parking Institute, 2002;  "Virtual Weigh Stations:  The Florida Survey", ITS Virginia 10th Annual Conference and Exhibition, Norfolk, VA, June 2004; and Florida ITS Institutional Issues/Challenges White Paper, Florida DOT ITS Central Office (website), 2004. 

Ms. Morrison assisted in E-Squared Engineering’s data collection efforts for the VDOT 511 feasibility report investigating data requirements, data sources, and data formats for the Washington DC region (Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia) 511 strategy.  This included data collection/interviews with the Washington region’s 10 cities, 8 counties, 9 transit related properties, regional aviation authorities, various law enforcement consortiums, etc.  

Ms. Morrison has assisted with meeting planning/workshop logistics from securing speakers and meeting sites, to arranging catering for lunches and breaks, to arranging transportation for workshop attendees to make site visits.

Ms. Morrison has provided proof-reading editing skills in documents written by E-Squared Engineering, as well as documents written by various company clients.  Ms. Morrison has also handled large data entry jobs and has strategically compiled data from surveys for various E-Squared Engineering clients.

Ms. Morrison has extensive experience in the provision of services including literature reviews, production of summaries and analyses of research materials and summarizing findings from various workshops and interviews.



Florida ITS Institutional Issues/Challenges White Paper, Florida DOT ITS Central Office (website), 2004.  (Authors: Richard Easley, Sharon Easley, Renee Morrison).

September 11th Attacks - Impacts on the Parking Industry,.  The Parking Professional, International Parking Institute, 2002 (Authors: Richard Easley, Sharon Easley, Renee Morrison)



Holds a valid Notary Public certification



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